What are Documents Required For RERA Registration in Maharashtra?

documents required for rera registration in maharashtra

Government established the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016 with the aim of promoting and regulating the state’s real estate industry, Maharera Project Registration is done under Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority, also referred to as MahaRERA and there are certain documents required for RERA Registration in Maharashtra.

In order to sell, advertise, market, book, or purchase a real estate project under the supervision of the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority, promoters are now required to take Maharera Project Registration by submitting documents required for rera registration in Maharashtra. Before continuing with their work, promoters must submit the application for maharera registration online along with documents required for rera registration in Maharashtra.

Through this effort, Maharera project registration will aid in the growth of a real estate sector that is open, honest, healthy, competitive, and efficient. The interests of sellers, purchasers, and real estate agents must also be protected.

Who must apply for Maharera Registration Number?

Every real estate project that has a land area greater than 500 sq m or more than 8 apartment must apply for Maharera Registration Number through maharera official website https://maharera.mahaonline.gov.in/ along with documents required for rera registration in Maharashtra.

The RERA Act mentions that the below mentioned parties must have to do Maharera Project Registration at Maha Rera Site:

  • Anyone who builds or intends to create a standalone structure, an apartment building, or transforms an existing building into apartments.
  • Anyone who turns land into a project with the intention of selling it to others.
  • The development authority is selling all of its plots.
  • A primitive cooperative housing organization that builds apartments or buildings for members or allottees, as well as a state-level cooperative housing finance society.
  • Anyone who represents the landowner of the site on which the building or apartment is constructed or the plot is developed for sale as a builder, colonizer, contractor, developer, estate developer, or by any other name.

Important Goals of Maharera Project Registration

In the state of Maharashtra, Primary goals of Maharera Project Registration are:

  • It improves the real estate industry’s efficiency and openness.
  • Regarding the sale of the site, the project, the apartment, the building, etc., there is clear information.
  • It creates a system for an immediate resolution of a dispute.
  • It established the idea of an appellate tribunal, allowing customers to make complaints against any misbehaviour.
  • Offer advice to the relevant government agencies on issues pertaining to the promotion and development of real estate.
  • Protect the interests of real estate buyers and encourage fair transactions.
  • Check to see if promoters or developers of real estate are according to the law.
  • Making sure promoters do Maharera Registration Online in accordance with the Act
  • Promoting the expansion of the real estate industry by publishing and keeping track of all construction projects in a city
  • Promoting a robust, open, and effective real estate market in Maharashtra.

Benefits of Maharera Project Registration

  • By creating a separate Escrow account for borrowers involved in real estate transactions, Maharera Project Registration guards against insolvency.
  • Maharera Registration Online assures that brokers and promoters are sincere in order to draw in future clients.
  • Promoters and brokers who have Maharera Project Registration are able to bring any related complaint to the authority’s attention.
  • Maharera Project Registration enables project promoters to select the project’s completion date in accordance with their preferences.
  • Maharera Registration Online aims to develop a feeling of professionalism while also supporting the real estate sector. As a result of the regulation act, individuals will be permitted to enter the real estate market.

Documents required for Rera Registration in Maharashtra

To obtain approval for the RERA Registration described below, the following are the documents required for Rera registration in Maharashtra –

List of documents for Rera Registration for Promotor / Builder

To complete your Maharera Registration Online through Maharera Official Website https://maharera.mahaonline.gov.in/, make sure to submit below mentioned List of documents for Rera Registration

  • The PAN Card
  • A verified copy of the encumbrance details.
  • A printout of the legal title report.
  • A printout of both the building plan approval and the layout approval.
  • Performa of the signing of the selling agreement and allocation letter.
  • Declaration on Form B
  • Architect certifications (Form 1 – only necessary for ongoing projects).
  • Certifications for architects (Form 4).
  • Certificates (Form 3) issued by the CA.
  • Certificates (Form 5) issued by the CA.
  • Engineer’s certificates (Form 2; only necessary for ongoing projects).
  • Commencement Certificate
  • A copy of the Cancelled Cheque from the projects dedicated bank account.
  • Information on building technologies, earthquake-resistant techniques, and other standards for architecture and design.
  • The floor plan of the construction undertaking.
  • Information on the sub-judice proceedings pertaining to the proposed use of the land for a real estate project (if relevant).
  • The quantity of covered parking spaces.
  • Details about the layout design, the floor space index, the proposed plan, the approved plan, etc.
  • Proposed number of Phases, wings or buildings, etc.
  • CERSAI details

Make Sure you submit all these documents required for rera registration in Maharashtra properly.

Documents required for Rera Agent Registration in Maharashtra

Documents required for RERA Agent Registration in Maharashtra are as follows:

  • PAN Card
  • Registration Information, Including Bylaws;
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Each letterhead needs to be self-certified
  • Rubber-stamped self-certified copy with letterhead
  • It is suggested that the real estate agent use acknowledgment receipts.
  • Declarations representing the last three years’ of income tax returns
  • There aren’t any open criminal or civil cases.

Additionally, the promoter and Agent must submit or provide any other documentation apart from above mentioned Rera Registration Documents list.

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