How to obtain a Shop Act License in Mumbai?

shop act licence in mumbai

Shop Act Licence in Mumbai can be done under Shop and Establishment Act which regulates working conditions and other conditions related to service of workers employed in shops, restaurants, residential hotels, eating houses, places of public amusement or entertainment and commercial & other establishments.

Generally, people in Mumbai use term “Gumasta” instead of shop act licence or trade licence.

Businesses that run shops or other commercial establishments must take shop act license in order to assure compliance with the shop and establishment registration. Shop act registration comprises an application form, providing the required documents, and shop and establishment registration fees.

Every establishment’s name board must be written primarily in the Marathi language in the Devnagari script.

Gumasta license government site helps you to make shop act licence online in Mumbai.

When Shop and Establishment License Requirements Arises?

Shop and Establishment License Requirements Arises when you carry any business. Shop & Establishment Act Registration is applicable to all commercial establishments in the state, (not covered under the Factories Act). Shop and establishment license or shop establishment certificate is compulsory for all businesses.

As per Shop and Establishment Act, All shop or commercial establishment must obtain Shop Act License or online Gumasta Registration in Mumbai within 60 days after starting their business.

Online trade licence application is smooth process and can be applied through gumasta license official website.

Shop act licence registration or gumasta license online registration in Mumbai can be done through shop act licence official website at aaple sarkar shop act licence website to get gumasta license in Mumbai.

Establishments Employing 10 or More Workers:

For gumasta registration process, establishments employing 10 or more workers must submit a Form ‘A’ application within 60 days of starting their business to get shop & establishment registration under the Maharashtra Shops and Establishments Act. The Facilitator will verify the accuracy of the application upon receiving it online along with the required papers and shop act licence fees in Mumbai, and after that he will issue a shop establishment license in form “B” along with Labour Identity Number (LIN). 

Online trade license application can be done through shop act licence website to get shop act registration online in Mumbai.

Establishments Employing Less than 10 Workers:

The establishments Employing Less than 10 Workers just need to inform on the start of their businesses.

An establishment with fewer than 10 employees must submit an online intimation of beginning of operation to the facilitator appointed under the New Shops Act within 60 days from commencement of business. Intimation has to be filed in form F along with documents listed in Part C of Schedule to new shop act rules.  

Establishments with fewer than ten (10) employees aside from intimation in form “F”. are not required to comply with The Maharashtra Shops and Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 2017, which went into effect on December 19, 2017.

Shop and establishment registration online site is, online trade license can be apply  through this website, and shop and establishment registration certificate provided instantly.

gumasta license online Mumbai is for lifetime, gumasta licence renewal online is not needed but gumasta license registration can be cancelled.

Key Provisions of the Act:

The Shop and Establishment Act’s primary goals are to protect employees’ rights and ensure that they have fair and appropriate working conditions.

Following are few key provisions of the trade licence certificate:

  1. Timing of Establishment

Many business such as restaurants, financial institutions, movie theatres, medical practices, and retail outlets can open for 24 hours a day, but shop which sells cigarettes or alcohol are permitted to remain open till time limit.

  1. Women Safety

In India, Government has always priorities women safety, As per Equal Remuneration Act, 1976, Act doesn’t differentiate between men and women in matters related to training, promotion, wages, and recruitment. Generally working time for women are given between 7 am to 9:30 pm and these time limit can exceeds in case of emergencies, only if work place is safe and transport is available for her way back to home. And government has all right to restrict of any organization of area feels unsafe.

  1. Weekly off and Over Time

As per law, working hours for employee are 9 hours a day or 48 hours per week, in case time exceed beyond said condition, the employer has to pay their employees overtime by paying them double of regular wages. Even though establishment can remain open for 24/7, still worker must get one weekly leave (24 hours of rest), if leave not given, then compensatory leave must be given to worker within two months of such leave along with 2 times ordinary wages.

  1. Holidays and Leaves to Worker

As per act, worker are eligible to get 8 casual leaves which includes 4 national holidays and 4 other festival holidays, and also worker can get 45 days as paid leave whenever emergency comes.

  1. Understanding basic needs of workers

As per law, it is mandatory for organizations to have health and safety measures for workers such as Provision of first-aid facilities, clean and sufficient drinking water, and proper washroom for both men and women.

There must be crèche facility for children of workers and canteen facility for workers if organizations have 50 or more workers and 100 or more workers respectively.

  1. Validity of license

For establishment with 10 or more workers, shop and establishment license Mumbai is valid for 1 year and could be granted for up to 10 years. And once registration is granted, a renewal application to be done each year at least thirty days before the date of expiry

Shop Act Licence Documents Requirements: 

Documents required for Shop Act Licence are as follows-

  1. Adhar, PAN, Photo of proprietor/directors/partners as gumasta license KYC  documents
  2. Address proof of premises (Electricity bill or property tax receipt)
  3. Rent Agreement / NOC
  4. Incorporartion Certficate/Partnership deed in case of PVT LTD, OPC, LLP and Partnership firm
  5. Compulsory documents required for shop act licence is Banner of establishment in marathi language must be hanged outside of premises.

Procedure for Registration under Shop and Establishment Act:

Procedure for Registration under Shop and Establishment Act are as follows-

  1. Visit, and create a login for shop act license or shop act renewal services.
  2. Fill the all the details in form “A” for employee 10 or more than 10 and in form “F” for employee less than 10, submit necessary documents
  3. And gumasta license Mumbai fees to pay online.

Procedure for Renewal of Shops & Establishment License:

Procedure for Renewal of Shops & Establishment License is explained in below paragraph-

Shop and establishment license renewal can only be done for establishment having worker 10 or more than 10.

For employees less than 10, shopact registration or trade license registration is permanent.

For shop act licence renewal, when the time period specified in the shop & establishment registration expires, the employer must submit an application for shop act renewal or gumasta license renewal online in Mumbai through Form “D” along with the required fees at least thirty days prior to the expiration date.

For shop act licence renewal online in Mumbai, you can contact us or reach out to

Shop Act Licence Cancellation Online:

Shop Act License in Mumbai can be cancelled Online for 10 or more employees, the employer must submit Form “J” to the Facilitator within 30 days of closer notifying them that the establishment has closed for business. Once the Facilitator receives this information and upon online gumasta verification, if they satisfied that it is accurate, they will remove the establishment from the Register of Establishments and cancel the shop and establishment certificate.

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For less than 10 employees, the employer must fill out Form “K” within 30 days of closer of business to inform the Facilitator that the establishment has closed for business. Once the Facilitator receives this information and is satisfied that it is accurate, the entry for that shop establishment act certificate is removed from the registration under shops and establishment act.

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