How to get NGO Darpan Online Registration?

ngo darpan online registration

The NGO Darpan (NGO-PS) is a platform which connects Voluntary Organization (VO) / Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and all Central Ministries / Departments / Government Bodies.

NGO DARPAN Registration or NITI Aayog Registartion of NGO is a joint effort of the NITI Aayog and the National Informatics Centre (NIC), which would help NGOs and the government create stronger collaborations.

What Is NGO Darpan?

Registration under Niti Aayog provides free services to NGOs via NGO DARPAN to help them Stay connected and informed about new government schemes and grants through Darpan ID and NGO Darpan online registration can be done very easily through NGO Darpan registration process are also mentioned and Niti Aayog registration fees is NIL except professional fees.

The purpose behind NGO DARPAN is that government is maintaining a centralized database of all Trust/Society/NGO which are willing to work for the welfare of society and wants to raise grant/fund from government department to fulfill their objectives.

Niti Aayog is not meant for providing grants to NGO directly.

On the basis of information provided by NGO, NGO DARPAN registration under Niti Aayog will provide Unique Darpan ID and Darpan ID registration requirements comes while applying grants from respective ministry as per motto of your NGO.

Niti Aayog Registration or NGO Darpan registration is mandatory for FCRA and E-anudaan Registration.

There is nothing like NGO Darpan Certificate or NGO Darpan  Niti Aayog Certificate, only NGO Darpan ID or NGO Darpan Number generates.

NGO Darpan Registration Benefits

NGO Darpan registration benefits are as follows:

  • NGO DARPAN portal help NGOs in obtaining details about grants, also helps in tracking status of the application.
  • Helps in applying for a grant or scheme available from the government.
  • Helps to improve the NGO’s reputation and goodwill and NGO will be regarded as NITI Aayog registered trust.
  • The NGO Darpan Registration provides fast information from the Ministry/Government to all NGO’s across the country.
  • NGO Darpan Portal maintains database of all NGO’s registered on its portal.
  • this portal helps you to directly apply for grant, to the ministry from which you want to get donation/grant.
  • There is no need to renew your NGO Darpan Registration; and you can edit your profile anytime.

Eligibility Criteria

Any NGO that is registered as a Trust/ Society /Private Limited non-profit Business under section 25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1956, can register itself on the NGO Darpan Portal.

Individual Persons are not allowed to apply for Niti Aayog Registration for themselves.

Documents Required for NGO Darpan Registration

Followings Documents and Details are required:

  • PAN of Trust/Society/NGO
  • Registration Certificate of Trust or Society/NGO
  • Grant Received Details Of Last 5 Years
  • PAN, Aadhaar, Mobile Number and Email ID of Members of Body
  • Mobile Number And Email ID of NGO
  • Description of kind of Activities to be done by NGO
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